Posted by Gab on 26th Apr 2018

Ethical and Sustainable Production

At Witjuti we believe that people and nature can co-exist harmoniously and with sustainable and ethical production. This motivation has driven us to partner with production company in the Sichuan province that have the same strong beliefs. They were the first organic producers of natural fibres in China, with European certifications, and practice sustainable policies.

Our production partner is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation.Staff are treated respectfully and are never overworked or underpaid. They enjoy safe conditions and their workplace. The standard of their work is exceptional, and they are proud to be a part of a progressive organisation.

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In all my years managing different production facilities in Australia I have always believed in the fair treatment of staff and still carry this through today both here, and with our overseas partners. My philosophy is that a business becomes a family of sorts, where everyone is valued for their input and treated with respect, ensuring a positive and egalitarian attitude permeates through our workplace. A policy we have used over several years is to operate on school hour rosters, so parents can earn an income while still having time for children.

We can all contribute to ethical and sustainable production in the fashion Industry, by making conscientious choices about what we wear, where it is made and the practices behind the company. At Witjuti we urge you to think about this when you next go shopping!

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